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Important note:
This is just a translation of our German terms and conditons. We do not take responsibility for mistranslations !

Trading conditions for goods deliveries and services 

  1. All shown prices are inclusive of the legal value added tax.

  2. For mail orders the postage costs resulting in each case as well as a packing lump sum are added. Dispatch only by cash on delivery or payment in advance possible (If you want to choose payment in advance please state when ordering, otherwise we will automatically ship as cash on delivery). We dispatch without postage and forwarding expenses as follows:

    - within Germany starting from 1.500, - Euros,
    - countries within the EEC from 3.000, - Euros,
    - other foreign country please request a quote.

  3. All detailed orders and order alterations require writing (by fax, email or purchase order). For oral orders we do not take over responsibility. The orderer dispenses with a order confirmation. In case of uninsured dispatching of the order we take over the full dispatch risk. Parcels are  insured up to 500 Euro value.

  4. All returns, regardless who has to represent them, must be sufficiently stamped, since otherwise double postage costs (by the post office) occur and acceptance will be refused by us, as well as returning to the sender. (In case we have to take responsibility, you will get the postage costs returned.) Retractions without defect are decreased by postage and packing costs. 

  5. Because we lead predominantly technical products, where trained specialists are needed for assembly, we offer a trade discount only to two-wheeler enterprises as contract dealers of a motorcycle brand are (controlled by the manufacturer), as well as two-wheeler enterprises, which send us an certificate, saying that they are carrying out “repairs at two-wheelers” . Other enterprises, like e.g. gas stations, tire repair services, ir those who send us only a registration of a “trade with motorcycle” do not get a trade discount. 

  6. We reserve ourselves price adjustments as well as the supply of our products. With appearance of a new V-max-catalogue and/or a new price list the old prices loses validity. 

  7. If the supply or achievement becomes impossible by a not foreseeable event, we are relieved by our delivery obligation, without the buyer can withdraw from the contract or demand compensation. 

  8. With dispatch orders a minimum purchase order value of 40, - Euros is valid, below that no processing is possible. 

  9. After recieving an order the customer has to check it  immediately after receipt for failings. Any lack must be reported within 5 days (date of the cash receipt) to us in writing and be sent back or returned within 4 weeks at us. Electrical connection parts are excluded from conversion and return right. With defectively goods we have the right to rework or an exchange. If a rework is possible or an defectively part not available, then the customer can claim the legal warranty. The period for guarantee and warranty claims are regulated by the BGB. 

  10. Cancellation: You can cancel your order contract within one month without giving reasons in writing (eg letter, fax, email) or by returning the goods. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of this instruction. To maintain the cancellation period, the timely dispatch of the revocation or the goods is sufficient. The revocation must be sent to: Zweirad-Technik Ferdinand März, St. Vither Str. 43, 54595 Prüm / Niederprüm, Germany. You have to bear the return costs, if the delivered goods correspond to those ordered and if the price of the item to be returned does not exceed 40 euros or if you have the item had a higher price but until cancellation no (partial) payment has been provided. Otherwise, the return is free for you.
    Under the regulation on online dispute resolution in consumer affairs, an online dispute resolution platform of the European Commission is available at Our e-mail address for this is: F.Maerz [at]

  11. All parts that have to be registered in the vehicles registration papers has to be checked if corresponding to the delivered certificates prior to installation as well as unpainted parts for fitment accuracy before painting. The GRP parts (glass-fiber reinforced plastic part), supplied by us, are manual work. They are manufactured in a form by hand, i.e. glass fiber mats and resin are received a chemical compound, thus a temperature in the form of 80-120 develops °C. The form and the manufactured GRP part can deform during production, with which 100% fitment accuracy cannot be provided. We ask kindly to install the GRP parts and check for fitment accuracy before painting. Should it turn out during the trial installation, that a part will not fit, we will to a conversion, of course but we are not responsible however for painting costs.

  12. Custom products must be ordered in writing and have to be deposited with 30% of the prospective costs.Custom products are excluded from conversion. Custom parts and custom works, which lead to an increase in output of the engine, are excluded from any warranty and guarantee.

  13. Custom parts and - work resulting in an increase in engine output will not get a TÜV entry.
    So changed vehicles may not be used in public traffic any more, only for racing purposes on locked circuits. Therefore we offer no warranty on custom parts and works.

  14. We adhere only if claims for damages are based on deliberate or roughly negligent violations of contract.

  15. If particulars of the conditions specified above should not prove as effectively, then the effectiveness of the other conditions remains untouched by it.

  16. With all verbal or written (incl. email) contracts with Zweiradtechnik Ferdinand März automatically the conditions specified above become a component of the contract.

  17. Place of delivery for our customers is 54595 Prüm. Venue is Amtsgericht Prüm, Teichstraße.

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